Are these ‘Communal Quad Scream’ Facebook events ever actually going to happen?

Lots of RSVPs going… very little screaming

If you’re in the JMU community, chances are you’ve seen at least one if not all the “communal quad scream” events going around on Facebook, but are any of them actually taking place?

Back in November, two students organized, what they called, “peaceful quad screams” to allow students a means of catharsis after the election. Since then, several more “screaming”¬†events have been created for various causes including one to take place on February 23 for “the state of our country.”

These quad scream events are more than just a feasible way of letting loose a much-needed scream, they’re a way for us to unite as a community. Since the inauguration and the immigration ban, there’s been a general tension not only around the JMU community, but around the nation. These events are a way for students to show their unity¬†and sense of unrest with the way things are going. They’re a gathering completely controllable by the students and a peaceful means of getting out stresses or anger while showing solidarity.

However the real question is will one of these actually be happening at any point or all we all talk?

Whether anyone will be screaming on the quad next Thursday or not, only time will tell, but I think we can all agree on a communal need to let loose some of our stress while simultaneously bonding as a community.

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