Everything you’re doing instead of studying for finals

Like day-drinking to forget…

The end of the semester is a crazy time full of stress, caffeine, and library visits, but let’s be real here. A lot of the time, the end of the semester can become full of cleaning, Netflix binges, and partying – who actually wants to do their homework anyways? So, what all will we do to get out of doing our homework?

People watching


You set yourself up on the quad or in the library with all your assignments, filled with high aspirations of getting your work done, but you just can’t help but be distracted. With all the hook-up gossip to be overheard and odd choice of activity, it’s hard to actually read the book in your lap instead of staring at that odd person across the way peacocking on a skateboard.

Browsing Facebook

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 12.32.31 PM

You promise yourself you’ll only look at Facebook if you get an important notification like a message from a coworker or your mom, but after you read said notification, you start browsing your newsfeed. Before you know it, twenty minutes have passed and you realize that even though you now know what’s going on in all your favorite celebrities’ lives, you’re no closer to passing that final.

Going out for drinks


Let’s be honest here, you don’t do your best work when you’re drunk. You may think you can handle it, but study really drunk and you may not remember one bit of it the next day. Plus, who ever actually did homework when they were out with friends?

Binge-watching on Netflix

Gilmore Girls

You swear the television will only be background noise. Besides, you tell yourself, I’ve seen every episode of Family Guy, anyways. I know what’s happening in the episode – I won’t get distracted. Two hours pass and you’ve sang all the songs and laughed at all the jokes, but only read about two pages of the assignment.



No time seems quite as opportunistic to clean as the time you should be studying. I can’t stand cleaning, but tell me I have an exam in a week and suddenly, I’m Snow White. I’ll even clean things like the top of the trash can to keep from studying.

Chasing dogs on the quad


If you’ve ever taken your dog to JMU, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Students chase you down the quad to pet your fur-baby, which, I promise, isn’t as weird as it sounds. During exam time, it’s like people have puppy-radar. Suddenly, what used to be one or two stops for attention on your walk becomes seven to ten.



No one misses sleep like a college student at the end of the semester (except maybe new parents). Why bother getting up when your bed is so cozy and that snooze button is so inviting? You can do homework later; nap time sounds good.

Taking weird Snapchats


Admit it, you’ve spent a lot of quality homework time on sending and receiving Snapchats. As if Facebook, Instagram, email, and texting weren’t enough to distract us, that little flashing yellow light on the corner of our phone screens entices us with what fun we could be having, if we weren’t doing homework.

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