Why Chrissy Teigen should be your spirit animal as told by her tweets

She’s like the mom/older sister/best friend we’ve always wanted

Chrissy Teigen is known to be one of the few female celebrities who really doesn’t live to please others. Teigen is a total babe for not giving a fuck about what anybody thinks of her and she’s known to always clap back at the haters.

She also has a beautiful sense of humor that’s rare to find and it encourages us, women, to be 110% our true selves.

She will clap back with something absolutely hilarious if anyone tries to cross her. Chrissy is the realest of them all, as told by her famous tweets.

She freaking gets the harsh struggle of breaking your nail. It will never be the same.

Shit happens, she knows it.

She is all of us on a Sunday when we declare that we need to start our diet on a Monday, but we eventually never start.

She practices her First Amendment. (*sips tea*).

You’d be lying if you said you didn’t have one stretch mark.

One word: Food. She lives her life with no regrets.

She really doesn’t GAF about your opinion… Even if it’s about something that has become a popular catchphrase.

Her text describes all of us when we have so much to do, but no motivation at all.

She gets it when it comes to shaving. We only shave above the knee for special occasions. Other than that, it’s below the knee. #sorrynotsorry

When it comes to our queens, Yonce and Adele, she gets it. She epitomizes our fangirling.

Literally us when we have to watch some kind of sports game and we have know idea wtf is going on.

She knows how important it is to use face masks, but she also knows the importance of broadcasting these kinds of moments on Snapchat.

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