Vice is IC’s newest resale shop for streetwear and vintage clothing

They carry everything from Supreme hats to vintage Tommy Hilfiger jeans to Jordan’s sneakers

Last Saturday, February 17th, a new resale store opened up in Iowa City, located just a few short blocks from campus at 114 East Prentiss Street.

Tony Casella, Peter Krogull and Demetrius Perry, joined together to create Vice, what they call “a higher end Plato’s Closet.” The store follows a similar buy, sell and trade model and carries streetwear brands like Supreme, Guess, Champion, Tommy Hilfiger and Bape.

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From left to right: Demetrius Perry, 30, Tony Casella, 26, and Peter Krogull, 28

The trio met this past summer at Kick It, Iowa City’s first sneaker expo, which Demetrius actually set up.

“We all met, got the idea for Vice and started making plans and talking about the idea. We all wanted to do the same thing initially, and it was easier for us to come together and open one store together rather than to create competition,” Peter said.

Over winter break, Peter and Tony did two separate pop-up sales to help fund the store. With the additional help of social media, Vice was born.

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Vintage Tommy Hilfiger jeans

Vice carries women’s fashion as well as men's and is aiming to expand not only with more pieces, but by reworking pieces as well by the end of the year.

The store is lined with “hype” brands and vintage pieces, ranging from Supreme hats to vintage Tommy Hilfiger jeans to Jordan’s sneakers.

“We’re all 90’s babies, or well, late 80’s babies. So that kind of stuff really appeals to us, the stuff we had as a kids,” said Tony. “But we’re evolving into more of Supreme, Guess, and a lot more high end hype stuff.”

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Vice’s mission statement is to bring the high end fashion that usually hits the coasts first to the midwest. Most of the brands they’re selling are only available in Iowa online, oftentimes in limited quantities. Buying secondhand online can run the risk of receiving fake pieces.

“There’s only Supreme stores in so many states; you don’t have access to this stuff anywhere else. A lot of this stuff people have never seen before. It’s just gonna be cool to bring new stuff to Iowa City,” said Demetrius.

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Peter, Demetrius and Tony have all lived in Iowa City previously. They decided this would be the best location for their store because “we all love Iowa City and how it’s growing.”

Vice is a must-see and the short walk from campus is only an added plus.

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Demetrius drew on the walls directly with permanent marker to add to the vintage vibes

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"We're trying to have a girl's line by the end of the year, doing rework stuff," said Peter

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