Iowa football program to receive the 2017 Disney Sports Spirit Award

‘Raising your hand and waving at someone seems like such a simple gesture but it is having an immense impact on a group of young people in need in Iowa’

Disney is the happiest place on Earth, and they like to spread happiness to all, young and old.

The Kinnick Wave, Hawkeye football's newest tradition, has touched the hearts of many across the country. This simple gesture, waving to the children at the Stead Family Children's Hospital at the end the first quarter at each home football game, has received national attention and inpired thousands.

And now, our tradition has also caught the attention of those at Disney Sports.

"Because of this simple but moving gesture, Disney Sports is proud to announce it is presenting the Iowa football programs with its coveted Disney Sports Spirit Award, which annually goes to the sport's most inspirational figure," says Darrell Fry, Sports Media Director at Walt Disney World Resort on Monday, November 20.

Disney is all about inspiring others, and they were inspired by the simple gesture that waving had on the patients at the Children's Hospital just down the street from Kinnick Stadium.

This will be the first time the Iowa football program is to receive this award since the award was first been given back in 1996.

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