Aaron Carter and an Iowa sorority girl went at it on Twitter

Aaron oh Aaron, what are we going to do with you?

It’s Greek Week at the University of Iowa and the fraternities and sororities are deep in festivities, fundraising events and competitions.

Of these is a Twitter competition run by Iowa Greek Life’s official Twitter account to vote for the most popular fraternity-sorority pairing – so Greek men and women reach out to friends, family, even celebrities, to attempt to get their pairing publicity.

Celebs like Ashton Kutcher, Hillary Duff and Brad Paisley were just a handful of those who got tweets from Iowa’s Greek men and women. Many tweets went ignored, but former child star Aaron Carter chose to reply to one Iowa sorority girl.

First of all, WTF Aaron. Let’s be honest, you used to be every girls’ celeb crush back in grade school, so for those same fans to have grown up and still love you should have you flattered at the least. Not to mention you made a recent trip to Iowa City back in February for a concert at Blue Moose, and like, every girl who loved you in her preteen years was there. You’re familiar with the University of Iowa, so of course your sorority girl fans would reach out to you for some Twitter support. Where’s the love?

Second of all, why were you so quick to be salty? Kinda uncalled for. It’s just a Twitter poll.

Sophomore Chi Omega Jenna Larson tweeted Aaron for help with the competition, literally just asking for a vote from the former—and yes, I do mean former—pop star. Such a simple request probably didn’t deserve such a bitter response. Jenna wasn’t having it, so she fired back.

Jenna’s response kicked off a full on altercation with the singer.

Why did he just make the whole thing about followers?

Aaron, Jenna wasn’t looking for a follow from you, just a little love for her sorority.

Sure enough, Aaron didn’t have any more snarky comments to respond with, so Jenna had the final say.

While it’s unclear exactly why Aaron’s immediate reaction was to bicker with a fan via Twitter, his response did upset a few other fans who kept up with the tweet thread.

For future reference, make sure you’re following Aaron before you tweet at him asking for favors!

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