Iowa City group peacefully protests against Dakota Access Pipeline on UI’s campus

Support from Iowa to North Dakota

If you happened to be crossing the bridge at the intersection of Riverside and Burlington yesterday, you may have seen a multitude of people and signs protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline. This occurred yesterday in the late afternoon from about 2-5pm.

The group was peacefully demonstrating their views on the current state of the Dakota Access Pipeline. This particular group on the bridge was one of many traveling around Iowa City. Other protesters filled the offices of United States Representative Dave Loebsack, as well as the lobbies of downtown Wells Fargo and U.S. Bank locations.

One of the signs being held read, “Water is sacred / No pipelines!” Another says, “No Pipelines! / Leave it in the ground”. Many passersby showed support to the group, especially those in cars, honking and waving from underneath the bridge. 

The recent motions in this issue are what struck up the event. The Standing Rock protest camp had a deadline to evacuate their site, scheduled for yesterday, February 23rd.  Governor Doug Burgum also announced yesterday that the remaining 25 to 50 protesters at the camp would be allowed to leave without being arrested. This is so contractors can continue to clean the protest site, which is right near the pipeline. The protest in Iowa City was coordinated to coincide with the deadline to leave the protest site, which was 2pm.

The group’s purpose was to motion for solidarity and support of all those being affected by the controversial issue.

University of Iowa