UI Dance Marathon raises $2,572,130.23 for kids battling childhood cancer

‘Not every student can be a part of this amazing cause, and that’s okay’

Dance Marathon is by far The University of Iowa’s most popular student organization on campus. Students are passionate about getting involved and dancing for 24 hours straight all FTK (for the kids) and their families.

Children diagnosed with pediatric cancer and being treated at The University of Iowa Children’s Hospital benefit from all the hard work these students, the organization, and everyone else involved with DM does. Each person who signs up is asked to raised $500 which qualifies for them to dance at the “Big Event” in February.

Last year, DM 22 raised $2,424,031.22 in donations that all went to supporting children battling cancer.

This year, DM 23 went even further and raised $2,572,130.23!

There’s more to Dance Marathon than just the “Big Event.” Dancers are busy all year round.

Besides dancing for 24-hours without sitting down, the organization hosts events for children’s families, social activities, and additional fundraising opportunities.

Students also have the opportunity to run more than 26 miles in the Chicago marathon, which serves as another form of fundraising and awareness for DM.

Students take away much more from being involved with DM than just raising money, running marathons, and getting involved with events on campus. They each create memories that they will remember for a lifetime.

“The amount of love and support that Dance Marathon gives to the kiddos and their families is truly indescribable. The strength and bravery those kiddos have have inspired so many college students to raise at least $500 to go stand for 24 hours, motivated many students to run a marathon, and allowed me to be something bigger than myself, where I am inspired daily. DM has given me hope, and a family away from home,” says sophomore Darby Drenzek.

Apart from raising the necessary funds for the children and their families, students get greatly attached to the reason behind the whole operation—the kids. Students form so many relationships throughout the year, whether it be with other students in a morale group or with the kids and their families. It’s an emotional process and something much bigger than just a fundraiser.

With this being said, the amount of time and commitment that goes into Dance Marathon is a great deal and requires members that can meet these obligations. Not every student can be a part of this amazing cause, and that’s okay.

Choosing to not to get involved with DM doesn’t mean in the slightest that a student doesn’t care, whether it be about the cause behind it all or that they dislike fundraising. Dance Marathon needs completely committed members, and not everyone’s schedule allows for this. Between, class, work, and other obligations, the school year gets busy.

Luckily, there are a few simple ways non-members can still get involved with Dance Marathon and help not only the kids and families the organization supports, but your friends as well.

Funds are usually tight with college students, but if there’s ever a time to share your extra cash, it’s to donate to a friend involved with DM. A few dollars from everyone can go a long way in the end. If money is an issue, as it usually is for college students, even sharing your friend’s Facebook post about fundraising or helping raise awareness about Dance Marathon is just as easy.

In the end, Dance Marathon is an amazing organization that everyone should try their best to support. Absolutely no one deserves to live with a life-threatening illness, especially children. Help however you can, all FTK.





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