BREAKING: Hundreds are protesting Trump’s travel ban in the Ped Mall

‘USA saved my refugee parents, honor America by saving refugees’

University of Iowa students and Iowa City locals are protesting President Trump’s Travel Ban in the Ped Mall in what seems to be the largest protest held on campus thus far.

A stage was set up next to the Sheraton Hotel for individuals to come forward and speak against the ban. Several immigrants shared personal stories of the struggles they and their families faced in coming to the United States.

Speakers also addressed the issue of refugees being barred from entering the United States, particularly those from Middle Eastern, predominantly Muslim countries. Numerous individuals called out President Trump for the immorality of the ban, claiming that the ban seeks only to keep Muslims out of the country instead of protecting the nation from terrorism.

Protesters facing the stage next to the Sheraton Hotel

Protesters held signs displaying messages that were anti-ban, anti-wall, pro-immigration and pro-refugee.

“No Ban No Wall No Hate”

On the left, “Sudanese, Somali, Yemeni, Syrian, Iraqi, Mexican, Libyan, Iranian, American.” On the right,”No Hate No Fear Refugees are welcome here.”

“USA saved my refugee parents, honor America by saving refugees”

The gathering to protest Trump’s travel ban does not come as a surprise to many, as signs calling others to join the rally were posted across campus for all to see.

A sign advertising the protest posted outside of the Old Capital Mall next to Noodles and Co.

Several hundred protesters are gathered in the Ped Mall, their numbers only increasing as the day goes on. The crowd stretches from Yotopia to Buzz Salon to Formosa, covering literally the entire Ped Mall.

This photo taken from inside the Iowa City Public Library shows only a portion of the huge crowd

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