The teacup pose is seriously flattering and you know it

This isn’t about tea

You know us girls, we love to look our best in pictures. No matter where we are or who we’re with, a good picture is always key. So what’s our secret to taking the perfect picture?  Posing. It’s all about finding the right pose and posture that will show off your best features.

For me, the tea cup pose is a definite go-to. Most of you are probably wondering, “what the hell is a tea cup pose?” Well, it looks a little something like this…

Or in real life, this…

So where does ‘teacup pose’ name come from? Apparently it’s a popular term across the pond in England… or so I’ve been told.

Everyone has that signature pose they like to do when taking a picture, so why do girls get made fun of for this pose? It’s simple and very common.

It all started in high school. At least for me it did. I struck that pose for many pictures, and my friends did it too. My teammates even assimilated.

It just looks about right to put your hand on your hip for a good quality photo.

Here’s what others think of this pose too, both good and bad views on it:

Susan McIntosh, Health and Human Physiology major: “I honestly like that pose because my my arm doesn’t look fat because it’s not pressed against my body! So it makes me feel good about myself in pictures. I used to do the pose a lot, but now I try not to because apparently people say it’s too middle school… but occasionally I’ll throw that pose in!”

Nicole Villarreal, Athletic Training major:  “It’s Stereotypical and there isn’t really anything exciting about the pose.”

Evan Scaletta, Exercise Science major: “It’s a typical girl pose I think, no clue why though.”

I’m not the only one who does it either, contrary to what my parents believe. Here are some other examples of how widespread this pose is:

The tea cup pose is a go to for most girls it seems, and there’s nothing wrong with it.

However, there are other poses out there that are used very often, like the arm down one:

Or any other cliche poses like these?

Even hugging is a pose

What do YOU think?


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