IU just opened an office to help prevent sexual violence on campus

It’s spearheading a bystander program for first year students

A new sexual assault office with improved resources is now open on Indiana University's campus. The Office for Sexual Violence Prevention and Victim Advocacy brings together many teams that work to prevent sexual violence around campus.

Additions include a bystander program for first year students and new ways to connect students to means of assistance.

Leslie Fasone, senior director of the office, says that past initiatives combined with new outreach tactics are being used. She said she'd like to see the numbers of students that have anonymously reported sexual violence to go down in the coming years.

"I think it more is building and enhancing and improving our efforts and to identify where our gaps and where do we need to go and who else do we need to partner with on campus to better reach more students and meet the needs of our community," Fasone said.

Fasone wants students to know that no matter what their background, they are welcome at the office.

Fasone also added that regardless of what action victims of sexual violence would like to take, the office can connect them with resources that suits their needs and wants.

The office is located on 506 N. Fess Ave.

For more information, visit the office's website.