Baked! Of Bloomington moves to a larger spot

Bigger doesn’t always mean better

If you haven't tasted Baked! Of Bloomington's mouth watering cookies, I feel bad for you. Baked! is the premiere place for fresh baked cookies that you can custom-make yourself with a variety of doughs, mix-ins and toppings for the cookies.

Orphan cookie and a sludge bar

Orphan cookie and a sludge bar

While many people go to Baked! for the cookies, others go for the atmosphere. The bakery is known for its chalkboard walls, unique artwork and huge paintings. It’s the perfect place for different occasions, whether you’re on a date, hanging with a group of friends, or you just want something to satisfy your sweet tooth. When I’m stressed and have a lot of work to do, Baked! is my go-to place.

In July, Baked switched locations from their cozy house on 3rd Street to a bigger building on N. Washington Street and while many people are happy with the new location, some people miss the old location.

“The new location just doesn’t have the same atmosphere,” Indiana University student Ben Priebe said. “The old one was more cozy.”

Even though Baked! doesn’t have the same atmosphere, Abbey Walker, a Baked! employee, thinks the new location is better to work at.

“It’s definitely easier to maneuver around and we can have more seating here which is nice,” Walker said. “Things go a little smoother here.”

While she likes the new location, she also misses the old location. “It was nice that it was in a house and it was cozy,” she said.

Since they’ve switched locations and the school year has begun, Baked! has had more business, Walker says. Even with the change in location, they still make the fresh baked cookies that we all love.

“The new location is still great though with the paintings and chalkboard walls,” Priebe said. “It’s still the same great cookies, just a new location.”

Chalkboard wall at Baked

Chalkboard wall at Baked