Indiana University has one of the most beautiful campuses in America

According to Condé Nast and literally anyone who visits Bloomington

Indiana University is the perfect place to go to for inspiration and beauty. There are so many places to relax and beautiful things to look at. Whether you’re chilling by Jordan River, relaxing in the Arboretum or walking by the Sample Gates, there are many things to see and draw inspiration from.

When walking around IU’s campus, the things that people notice most are the old limestone buildings, the abundance of trees and flowers, and the town around campus. Some of the most well-known buildings are the Indiana Memorial Union, Wells Library, and the IU Art Museum. These are the things Condé Nast noticed when trying to pick out the most beautiful college campuses.

Condé Nast made a list of the 25 Most Beautiful College Campuses in America and IU came in 8th place, although there's no specific order. The only other school in Indiana that made the list was University of Notre Dame. Whatevz.

When picking out the most beautiful campuses, they focused on architecture, nature, and well known locations on the campuses. For IU, they talked about the Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles of architecture, the “leafy school grounds," the various trails and Jordan River.

Though it's cool to be on a recognized list, anyone who’s visited IU already knows how beautiful it is.

Check out the list here.