This is how much IU students actually care about the solar eclipse

The CelestFest viewing party is at the Conrad Prebys Amphitheater from 1-9

The moment we've all been waiting for since watching Tia and Tamera perform a sun spell in Twitches Too is occurring this afternoon — a total eclipse of the sun. It's the first coast to coast eclipse since 1918, but how much do IU students actually care about it?

Rachel Adams and Grace Moles, Freshman

"We don't know much about the eclipse, but we don't have class at 2:30pm, so we're definitely going to watch it."

Bria Combry, Junior with First Year Experience

"Between the eight FYE tables handing out eclipse glasses on campus, we've handed out about one thousand so far. For the 30 minutes I've been at my table we've already run out once."

Jose Rangle, Freshman

"I just got glasses to see it, so I'm definitely going to watch it when I get out of class. I'm really interested to see it."

Abby, Junior

"Usually I think things like this are stupid, but this seems special and a cool thing to experience."

Are you interested in watching it with your IU peers? Go to the CelestFest solar eclipse viewing party at the Conrad Prebys Amphitheater from 1-9 and pick up your glasses at the FYE booths across campus.