The official unofficial bucket list for IU seniors

If you’ve already completed all of these, I will bow at your feet

Alright, seniors. We have one month left to fully utilize this campus and our status as students. I’m sure we have all seen the Office of First Year Experience’s Bucket List, but that’s pretty G-rated.

I have created one more suitable for seniors who would rather watch the sunrise after a night at Sports than after a night of studying. Go forth and check off as many as you can. And fly like condors after graduation:

  • Actually attend the Little 500 men’s or women’s race
  • Rent canoes from the Griffy Lake Boathouse — wear sunscreen, please  OMG perfect lake day!
  • Watch the lights change on the side of the IU Art Museum at night
  • Attend Rent-A-Puppy on April 28 in Dunn Meadow
  • Snap a photo in front of the Sample Gates wearing your cap and gown
  • Rage at a live music show at The BluebirdSavoy at The Bluebird
  • See how many KOK breadsticks you can eat on a Monday when they are $0.50 each
  • Take a picture with the Herman B Wells and Hoagy Carmichael statues
  • Dip your feet in the Showalter Fountain — or swim (but you didn’t hear that from me)
  • Rent a party boat at Lake Monroe for you and all your friends
  • Get bottle service in The Jungle because YOLOWhen in The Jungle
  • Sing karaoke at Bear’s on a Thursday night
  • Gather as many Pizza X cups as possible so when you leave Bloomington you will be the hero of every party that has beer pong
  • Chill on the patio at Upland on a nice afternoon with a pitcher of beer
  • Participate in a bar crawl
  • Survive an open to close at Kilroy’s
  • Try every shooter and bomb at Kilroy’s. Soup City, anyone?
  • Walk across Memorial Stadium as a graduate of Indiana University

Complete this list by the time you graduate, and you will most definitely be a Hoosier worth their salt (with tequila and lime, of course).