We asked UIUC students what they miss most while studying abroad

Homesick for blue guys and cheeseburgers

Studying abroad is one of the coolest, and scariest, things you can do during your college career. Taking the trip of a lifetime exploring entirely new places has some major benefits. You get to hang out with new people, try new foods, experience different cultures, and escape Trump. It also does incredible things for your social media.

We spoke to some students who have already left the nest for a while, and found out what they missed most while traveling.

The food will probably be great, but not quite Burrito King

Green St. is a luxury here in Champaign, not everyone has their favorite food places located on one street. Hannah Bodine, who is currently in Australia, says that good cheap Mexican food is hard to come by. The best option is a knock off Chipotle, if you’re lucky. I can’t imagine living in a place without Burrito King or Maize, but I’m sure there will be something to make up for it.

Another issue can be the timing. “Stores all close at six pm in most European cities, so I missed being able to grab some junk food or run to the grocery store late at night,” said Alyssa Slager, who studied abroad in Vienna Austria.

Whether you’re craving mac n’ cheese pizza at midnight or dreaming about Chipotle for lunch, you’ll definitely be thinking about Green St. from around the world.

Say goodbye to dollar drinks when you study abroad

Another benefit of studying abroad is you’re probably of legal drinking age wherever you travel. But, experiencing the local bar scene is going to be a lot different from the student friendly bars here. It’s strange that dollar drinks are not a common occurrence outside of Champaign.

Real world drinks hit your wallet where it hurts, and different countries are no exception. Its tough leaving a place where a solid night out could only cost you a few bucks. One drunken night out in your new home might even have you missing the smell of Kams.

All of the awesome fun stuff your friends are going to be doing

Even though you’re having some kick ass times when you study abroad, it’s always hard to see people livin’ life at home. Watching your friends back in the ‘paign going to all your favorite events can be tough. Especially when you miss dressing up for barn dance or semi- formal, or even just getting ready for a regular night out with your closest pals.

Being thousands of miles away from the people you used to see on a daily basis isn’t easy. “I miss my friends the most, the friends you make abroad are great but they will never know you as well as your friends back at school” said Hannah. Even though you’re busy running around a new city, you’ll always miss your people back in Illinois.

Being fully understood when you’re tired af

We take being native English speakers for granted when living in the USA. But, it’s all put into perspective once you’ve landed in a foreign speaking country. “I miss American culture like music, customs, and way of living”, said Riley Brubaker, who is currently studying abroad in Spain.

It’s a big adjustment when you’re suddenly the one out of the loop and trying to communicate through a language barrier. Learning an entirely new culture and navigating a language can be confusing, that’s all part of the charm of studying abroad.

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