Hands of Harvard: ‘Our culture here doesn’t really allow for dating’

‘People are so scared of rejection’

Hands of harvard

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“I almost wonder if hook-up culture at Harvard is worse than other colleges… Harvard kids are so used to seeking perfectionism and avoiding failure at all costs. We are such perfectionists that we are not going to put ourself out there and ask someone on a date. People are so scared of rejection that they won’t do that, which is really a sad thing because I feel like at Harvard you almost expect to find a soulmate. You can be at Harvard and you are surrounded by people who think like you and you are all determined, hard-working individuals but also have this variety experiences that really only Harvard and other elite schools foster in their student bodies. I feel like it is kind of sad that Harvard has such a hook-up culture that doesn’t really allow for dating when there is such a bulk of opportunity.”