BREAKING: Governor Nathan Deal vetoes ‘Campus Carry’ bill

The long wait has come to an end

The Georgia legislature announced today that Governor Nathan Deal has officially vetoed the Campus Carry Bill, not allowing anyone to carry a gun on Georgia’s public college campuses.

The bill passed quickly through the House and Senate in March, yet faced heavy scrutiny by Governor Deal. A statement from the office of Governor Deal cited the necessity of safety in numerous institutions of higher learning, and implied that not allowing guns in the near future was the right path to this goal.

Today was Deal’s last day to take action on the bill, after he stated previous that he would not allow the bill to become law without his signature. Despite seemingly no opposition to the bill in the House or Senate, numerous student and activist groups called in and expressed their feelings about the bill, the majority begging Deal to veto it.

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal

The bill has already passed in eight other states, most recently Tennessee, but has already started facing controversial factors. Professors in Texas and Oklahoma have already been told to avoid touchy subjects and not to meet with students outside of office hours, due to the possibility that the student may be armed.

I strongly believe that Governor deal has done the right thing here. While once stating that he would rather leave it up to each individual school decide, the massive outcry against the bill here at Tech proves that different schools may react differently. For a school with massive trust in its police department and safety codes, Tech did not feel the need to pass this bill, and is breathing a collective sigh of relief after the governor shot it down, much pun intended.

Georgia Tech