Why I chose Georgia Tech

Attention Class of 2020

Many high school students all across the globe are frantically attempting to finalize college decisions, narrowing down their options, waiting for just one acceptance, or even (if they are truly bold), twiddling their thumbs nervously in anticipation for the Ivy leagues.

However, in the state of Georgia, a plethora of collegiate options is not readily available to us, but rather we have Chick Fil A and Waffle House on every corner. While most of us Georgian high school students know from the get go whether we will embody a “dawg” or a yellow jacket, some of us struggle with which animal to become for the next four years of our lives.

Both schools have their strengths and weaknesses. Both schools attract different crowds. Both schools have thousands of students. Both schools have great athletics and academics.

But, at the end of the day, why choose Georgia Tech?

I couldn’t survive four years in the forestry

Sure, Athens might be fun with the downtown scene, but Athens does not compare to Atlanta’s nightlife. With regular concerts, shopping avenues, and city attractions, there really is no comparison¬†(and who even knows if downtown will continue to thrive with those impending raid threats and the GBI on alert).

If they lose downtown to the GBI threats, maybe they can find fun at the skating rink 10 minutes off campus.

The opportunity at Tech is unbelievable

Whether a Tech student wants to pursue a minor in Technology and Management, develop applications for iPhones, research abroad in developing nations, or intern at an investment bank in NYC, they have the resources and support system to do so. With Tech’s heavy involvement in advancing technology, Tech makes itself as a desirable place for recruiters. And, with a greater need for students with a technological background, Tech students are highly sought after.

It’s more diverse

Tech represents the entire world and is a place where different cultures are able to freely exchange their ideas. Meanwhile, over in Athens, it is hard to find “dawgs” that aren’t conformists. Finding diversity in a college town two hours from a large city might be a little difficult but at Georgia Tech, tucked away in the heart of Atlanta, diversity is found everywhere.

Currently, Georgia Tech has about twice as many international students than UGA and greater access to international programs and study abroad opportunities. You won’t find the same diversity at North Fulton Community College (UGA).

It’s challenging

When deciding between Georgia Tech and UGA, I had fears about the infamous Tech workload. But, a wise man once said the only thing to fear is fear itself. Each challenge conquered is another step to becoming an excellent problem solver for the worlds future problems. Georgia Tech is no doubt going to be difficult but with the right attitude and hard work, anything can be accomplished. It isn’t any coincidence that a higher percentage of Tech graduates have a job on graduation day.

ATL > Athens

Do I even need to explain this one?

I can say ‘to hell with Georgia’ on game day.

Okay, Georgia is good at football (sometimes). But, someone has got to ask the tough questions. Thirty years from graduation, will you remember that Georgia beat your football team your sophomore year of college? No. You will remember the great times you had with your friends at the tailgate. Plus, it would feel very wrong to say “Wreck Tech” on game day. “To hell with Georgia” sounds about right.

At the end of the day, I have the utmost respect for Georgia students. After all, I think they call it clean, old-fashioned hate.

Buzz buzz, ladies and gents.

Georgia Tech