Just a list of the hottest Georgetown government professors according to ratemyprofessor

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While all of us probably use ratemyprofessor.com to ensure we won’t have to sit through the most boring or difficult classes Georgetown has to offer, you might have not noticed the “hotness” rating given to each professor. If professors are rated as hot professors, then the chili pepper will appear red on their ratemyprofessor profiles.

Meet the hot professors of the government department

We’ve compiled a list of Georgetown’s hottest government professors (because do you even go to Georgetown if you haven’t taken a gov class) based on their ratemyprofessor profiles. And honestly, I had no idea these people worked at our fine institution, but suddenly I’m excited to go back to class. Vote for your government teacher bae below.

Sam Potolicchio

Potolicchio is a former Hoya, and was named one of the best professors in America by Princeton Review. Though he teaches at the graduate level, at Georgetown’s McCourt School of Public Policy, he still belongs on this list because he teaches classes about government and political communication.

Matthew Kroenig

The Kroenig family’s genes are obviously blessed. And Professor Kroenig’s brother Brad is Karl Lagerfeld’s muse. If Professor Kroenig is your teacher bae, Brad would be your bae by association. It’s a scientific fact.

Phillip A Karber

Karber is a former strategy adviser to Defense secretary Caspar W. Weinberger. And also rides horses, which is always a plus when choosing a bae.

Matthew Carnes

Carnes, like Potolicchio, was also named one of the nation’s best undergraduate professors.

matthew carnes sitting in front of bookshelf hot professors

Raj Desai

Desai used to teach at Harvard, but he’s been at Georgetown for the past eight years. Hoyas are clearly superior to Harvard students, anyways.

Charles King

King and his wife met while she was a senior at Georgetown. Sounds like a promising opportunity.

Terrence Johnson (on the right)

Johnson is also married, but he can be your teacher bae in your dreams.


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