Twitter is roasting DC Police Department over an, actually quite fire, viral meme about traffic lights

I’m not a regular police department, I’m a cool police department

DC Police department put out a meme about stopping at red lights to avoid getting tickets and received a huge amount of backlash from the twitter community.

The meme was intended to promote the use of traffic cameras at red lights that are used at most major intersections in the District. When a driver commits a traffic violation the license plate is photographed and a ticket is sent to the owner of the vehicle.

The meme quickly went viral, and twitter proceeded to ignore the original message DC Police was trying to convey

Some of the responses were fun and good spirited

Most of twitter used the tweet to highlight instances of police brutality

While it’s commendable that DC Police would try to engage with a younger audience through memes and social media, given the current political climate and the evident recent tension between citizens and police, some backlash is more than expected.

Here’s to hoping that people don’t run red lights to keep the community safe, and that Police departments get their shit together to do the same.

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