Georgetown’s Dean & DeLuca has been closed due to a rodent infestation… again

If I’m paying 7 dollars for a grapefruit, it better not come with a side of rat feces

Dean & DeLuca on M street has closed down on Friday, yet again, after the DC department of Health found a rodent infestation.

The news comes just a day after Whole Foods, another high end grocery store, in Glover Park was temporarily closed by the Department of Health for a failure to “minimize the presence of insects, rodents and other pests on the premises.” The store reopened just a few hours later.

Whole Foods issued an apology regarding the situation, including they “feel confident that the store is now ready to reopen” and “can assure the store environment is safe.”

While many were shocked about Dean & DeLuca’s closing, others noted how this isn’t the first time the location has closed down for violating health and safety regulations.

In fact, M street’s Dean & DeLuca was closed down for the same reason back in 2013.

There is no information out about when the upscale grocery store will reopen.

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