Here’s what you can expect at this weekend’s Spring football game

A whole lot of ‘woah’s

Spring games are exciting! It's been 4-5 months since you've seen your favorite college team play organized football. You get to see veterans from last year and a whole new crop of players. Early enrolled recruits (those who graduated High School in December) also get to participate, so that brings another level of excitement. For the Seminoles this year, this game has a little more buzz to it. Here’s what you’ll see when the Wille Taggart-led ‘Noles hit the field on Saturday.

A whole lot of "Woah"s

Willie Taggart runs a completely different offense than Jimbo Fisher. He runs what's called a West Coast offense, which is an offense that spreads the ball all over the field. It's an offense that stretches defenses horizontally with short, on time, spot-drop passes that opens up the running game and the deep ball game. It's an up-tempo offense. Last year, our offense had one of the slowest tempos in the FBS at around 50 plays a game and a Taggart led offense runs around 80 plays a game.

Basically, there’s going to be a lot more football played per game

Not one offensive coach from the previous staff was kept, so every player at every position is battling for a starting spot. Key battles will include positions like Quarterback, Offensive line, Linebackers, and Wide receivers. In the Spring, avoiding injuries is important, so many valuable players will be kept out of the game if they feel any discomfort that could result in serious injury.

With that in mind, you’ll hear a few new names that you might not hear come fall. As of right now, the number of scholarship players on the offense has been severely depleted. Our defense has a little more depth so the availability of scholarship players is less scarce.

Get ready to see some freshman who were just in High School a couple months ago (like Jaiden Woodbey, Amari Gainer, Christian Armstrong) and a lot of young faces to show their potential on a national stage this weekend. This will have you saying, "woah!" on both sides of the ball

A Beautiful Hurricane

With a completely new offense that was just installed a few months ago, expect the offense to woo you while also making you cringe. There will be a lot of plays that make you say, "What on God's green earth was that?! How did you miss that throw by a mile?!". Timing takes… time.

Creating new chemistries, consistency, and tempos takes time to perfect. There may be some chaos, but there will also be some beauty. Blackman likes to throw the deep ball so expect some downfield plays and some nice run — the defense should feel stretched out. Expect some miscommunications on routes, but also expect some sensational catches by Tamorrion Terry, D.J Matthews and Tre' Mckitty.

The defense is pretty much running the same style they have been for the past few years. It's what's called a 4-2-5 scheme(4 defensive linemen, 2 linebackers, 5 Defensive Backs). There will be some differences, but they will be specific to our new Defensive Coordinator's preferences.

What will be very different are all the new faces replacing some future NFL draftees. There will be a completely new set of Linebackers as starters — It's a crapshoot for that position. Our defensive line lost a couple players as well but the potential for the players "next in line" is exciting. We lost a lot of players in the defensive backfield (safeties and corners) but some young, promising talent is looking to start where the last group left off, or possibly exceed it.

This game will feel beautiful but look like a hurricane. Grab a beer with the boys, buy your burgers and hotdogs (sorry vegans, it's a meat kind of day), and enjoy this weekend's festivities.

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