How a Florida State sophomore is tackling rape culture through film

Adrian doesn’t believe the required consent courses are taken seriously enough by students

The Pill , a short film by FSU sophomore Adrian Cadavid, debuts with a message that transports viewers to a front seat discussion of sexual impropriety on college campuses. It is both poignant and concise in its gritty depiction of sensitive content while maintaining a favorable view in Seminole community.

After seeing an ad for the contraceptive pill Plan B, Adrian wanted to tackle it as the plot for his FSU film school application. Being familiar with FSU's infamous reputation involving sexual misconduct, an attribute that was hurled into national media attention during the Winston years, Adrian decided this would be the kind of daring subject that would make him stand out within the pool of applicants.

Adrian also recounted having to take the online rape/consent course as freshman and didn't feel that the way the lesson was perceived by the students was satisfactory. Rape is not something to take lightly, and yet students have a nonchalant attitude towards this required lesson. By making The Pill, Adrian hopes he can raise awareness about the societal issue.

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I sat down and spoke with Adrian, who has recently applied to the College of Motion Picture Arts with his new short film, The Pill. He has had a passion for filmmaking since he was a child and looks up to directors like Darren Aronofsky and Christopher Nolan. Initially inspired by horror films, he hopes to one day create a film of his own that can be a successful part of the horror genre. In many ways The Pill is a horror film in its own regard. I sat down with this innovative Sophomore and listened to what he had to say about the short film:

Why do you think discussing rape here at FSU is important?

It's important to discuss rape at FSU because most students aren't very well informed about the matter.

Besides people's lack of knowledge on the matter, have you seen other signs that people are still not realizing this is an important issue?

Freshman year, we had to do an online course about rape/consent and to be honest, my friends and I didn't get much out of it. The scenarios seemed very artificial and almost everyone I knew skimmed through it.

How do you think the film will impact the FSU community?

It can have a large impact because of how relatable it is. A lot of people I know have come out to tell me that the story I depicted was very honest and that it even happened to them. I think it can really inform students of not only rape but stealthing.

What's "stealthing"?

If you see the film the rape scene is considered rape because the young man decided to take the condom off without letting the girl know, and she only agreed to have sex with a condom.

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What inspired him

For anyone who has experienced stealthing or any related form of rape this short film hits close to home. But we can all agree the way Adrian portrays such a sensitive subject is meant to invoke a sense of trust and comfort in the shot. Everything from his lighting choices to the way script flows, the viewer never feels uncomfortable with the subject.

With an incredible cast of men and women, Adrian was able to bring to life one of this generations biggest issues. As students at FSU it is our duty to protect those who may have experienced this and stop it from ever happening again, and especially not letting any of our peers escape accountability simply because of the benefit they provide to our programs.

For many students who have contacted Adrian about this film they truly feel grateful and appreciative for his desire to bring such a cruel and inhumane act to light. Not only did Adrian make this film for himself, but for the hundreds of thousands of people who never have their voices heard, and hopefully to be a stepping stone in the path to end this kind of sexual assault.

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Cast and crew at the watch party

Meet the cast and crew

The cast was compiled by friends of Adrian's who kept in touch after living in a dorm together freshman year. Sophia Ortiz plays the female protagonist, Larry Fletcher plays the male protagonist, and Angel Vargas plays the friend of Larry who serves as a heroic figure.

Thanks to Adrian's friends in the school of communications he was able to get the proper equipment to make his dream a reality. He also elicited the help of young drone aficionado, Tanner Warwick. Tanner is responsible for all the aerial shots you see in the film. An eclectic but energetic group of individuals were able to make Adrian's dreams come true, be sure to keep an eye out for them in future projects!

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Pictured from left to right: Sophia Ortiz, Adrian Cadavid, Angel Vargas, Larry Fletcher.

Be sure to subscribe to Adrian's YouTube channel to see more amazing films and follow him on Instagram and Twitter to keep up to date with his latest projects at @edrianopolis

If you or someone you know have been a victim of a sexual assault, please call the 24/7 University Counseling Center line at 850-644-8255, or visit to see options available for you.

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