Sweatpants and messy buns: Your guide to finals week fashion

Dress your best (?) for your overnight at Strozier

Happy finals week, fashionistas! It's time to stock your wardrobes with some of the best pieces for this studious season.

I know what you're thinking. "A look book for finals week?" you probably screamed internally. "I've never read anything about that in Vogue!"

But guys, finals fashion is real, and The Tab is your number one source to help you stay "in fashion" during the rest of finals week.

Let's begin…

An oversized t-shirt that you probably got for free

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Guys, if you don't sport the oversized school tee, you need to re-evaluate your entire wardrobe. These shirts scream, "I'm prepared for finals week AND I still have some type of school spirit left in me." Plus, they're perfect for naps. The oversized tee is definitely a must have for overnights at Strozier.

Workout leggings

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Workout leggings are the perfect counterpart to the oversized tee. Chic, comfortable, and best of all, these skintight pants never have to match with the rest of your outfit. Plus, they can expand around the waist, making room for any overnight snacks.

The extreme messy bun

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It's the iconic messy bun, but with a twist. During finals season, messy buns develop the ability to defy gravity. Achieve the extreme messy bun look by making a loose regular bun and letting it fall to the bottom of your head. As the day goes on it'll get even messier, and within a couple of hours your bun will have reached finals week nirvana. In other words, the bun seems to be falling of your head but some how it still stays afloat.

Flip flops

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Those two-dollar Old Navy flip-flops are your go-to shoe for the week. They're easy to put on and give your feet some freedom, even though yours is robbed for the rest of the week.

Nike shorts

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If you're not about the leggings, don't worry! Nike shorts are a great alternative and come in a variety of colors. Finals week is all about looking like you don't know how to match your clothes, but sometimes the pigment won't even matter! The shorts might be completely covered by the oversized tee anyways.

The monster backpack

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Don't forget this bad boy. The finals week look can't be complete without something that says "Yes, I actually came here to study." The only downside to this accessory is that once you leave campus, people might mistake you for a teenage mutant ninja turtle. On second thought, that's not so terrible.

Now that you know how to dress for finals week, stop procrastinating and get studying! And if you need a guide on how to stop doing the former, check dis out.

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