Napleton Infiniti cars are STILL parked in FSU garages

When FSU says that Napleton cars were removed but they’re actually not…

Napleton Infiniti cars are still parked in FSU parking garages as of this morning, despite FSU claiming that “all vehicles had been removed” at around 9 pm last night.

Yesterday, it was discovered that Napleton Infiniti had parked dozens of their cars in FSU parking garages, taking an unfair advantage of the university’s decision to open the garages to the public until Hurricane Irma subsided.

Napleton claimed that FSU had allowed them to park in the garages, but last night, FSU publicly claimed that “they had addressed the matter” and that the Napleton cars “had been removed.”

However, the dealership’s cars are still parked in the FSU parking garages as of this morning, according to John Hightower, an FSU alum. The Tallahassee resident told The Tab that the cars are currently parked in “multiple levels of the Macomb garage near Pensacola.” He also noted that FSUPD was patrolling through the garages, yet the Infiniti cars were still there.

Unsurprisingly, FSU students are appalled by the ordeal. “This is absolutely a time when communities need to work together to prioritize safety and support, and the dealerships actions are completely opposite of that,” said Hannah Madison a junior at FSU.

“I don’t think it’s fair,” said Andrew Mitchell, an FSU senior. “FSU opened their garages to the community in a time of need and Napleton took advantage of that to try and protect their inventory.”

The community isn’t just pointing fingers at the dealership. FSU alum Peter Wong feels betrayed by his alma mater for their lack of transparency. “FSU lying to the students doesn’t help anything at all,” Wong said. “It’s a breach of trust between the administration and the student body, and if we can’t trust their word during an emergency, what els are they lying about on a day to day basis?”

FSU students and residents of Tallahassee are enraged at both Napleton and FSU. By prioritizing their merchandise, Napleton denied FSU students the ability to use their school’s garages to shelter their cars from the storm. And FSU lied about removing the cars, probably to appease FSU students. Hopefully, FSU will now do the right thing and actually get these cars removed so students can finally use the spots — though, only the brave will meander outside the shelter of their homes.

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