BREAKING: FSU will be closed through next Friday

All of this is ahead of Hurricane Irma

UPDATE: FSU sent out an alert that the campus will be closed through Friday September 15th. At this time the university is expected to reopen Monday the 18th.

UPDATE: The University just announced via Twitter that school will be closed through Tuesday. FSU is expected to reopen on Wednesday.

UPDATE: Florida State has just announced in a statement that the FSU football game that was rescheduled for Saturday at noon has been canceled.

9:57pm: Due to Hurricane Irma, Florida State University will be closed from Friday, September 8 through Monday, September 11 after Governor Rick Scott's statement.

Florida State's football game will still be taking place at noon on Saturday, but classes and buildings will be closed. On-campus dining services and housing will remain open.

9:28pm: Florida Governor Rick Scott has issued a statement calling for all Florida K-12 schools, state colleges, state universities and state offices to close from Friday, September 8 to Monday, September 11.

Governor Scott made this order late Thursday night, citing concern for students and faculty. Additionally, he hopes that public schools can be used as shelters for evacuating families and as staging areas for disaster relief in the coming days as Hurricane Irma moves up the state.

The University of Florida announced that they would be closing their campus on September 10-11, as well as the University of South Florida, University of Central Florida and University of North Florida. The University of Miami will also be closed and strongly urges their students to flee South Florida entirely. This makes FSU the last major university in Florida that has yet to announce any closures.

Leon County has announced it will comply with the order, however Florida State University president John Thrasher has yet to issue a statement.

We will update this article as more information is released, or if FSU cancels classes.

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