BREAKING: Students still don’t care about the Francis Eppes statue

Another protest was held today

Another demonstration was held this afternoon to demand the removal of the Francis Eppes statue in front of the Wescott building. Eppes owned 91 slaves and started a private militia to catch runaway slaves, which later became the Tallahassee Police Department.

Protestors chanted "No hate, no bigotry, end white supremacy" and "Hey, ho, Francis Eppes has got to go" as about 10 students looked on.

Students engaging in the protest

Students engaging in the protest

Adam, one of the protest's witnesses and a senior majoring in Criminology (based out of the Eppes building), said the protest was ineffective because things should "change eventually," and "not so rapidly."

The protesters then began their march from the Integration Statue to Eppes' at the other end of the Legacy Walk, accompanied by one or two other students.

Students voted in a referendum last school year to remove the statue, with 70 percent of the student body voting "no."

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