There are two cat cafés opening in Tally and people could care less about the dogs on Landis

No, we’re not kitten

This Wednesday at 11 AM sharp, Fat Cat Cafe will open its doors and become the first of its kind in Tallahassee.

For those who haven't been following the trend that originated in Japan, the premise behind these establishments is to drink coffee and eat pastries while casually lounging around with furry friends.

If you're worried about a barista accidentally mixing cat fur into your coffee, don't be! The cafe exists as a separate area from the kitty room, which you can enter for an hour with a seven dollar fee.

The best part about the experience? If you fall in love with a furry feline, you can take them home! All cats are up for adoption through local animal shelters. All you have to do is fill out an application at the store for the cat's respective adoption center. Same-day adoptions are unlikely, but the shelters will normally get back to you within a day or so.

Located at 2901 East Park Avenue, the cafe will be open Wednesday through Sunday from 11am – 7pm.

Owner Michelle Hartsfield has many prospective plans in store for making this unique experience even more special, including yoga and art classes with the cats.

Particularly for college students, a special deal is in the works for private group study sessions where you can rent out the room for two hours for a set price. Or, you can just go to further your pro-cat-stination.

Also, did we mention there will be free wifi? Starbucks is the coffee shop of the past, cat cafes are in the meow.

The room will be set-up with the cats' comfort in mind, complete with plants, shelves for climbing and a small tunnel that connects to a room with necessities like food and litter boxes. Several chairs and tables will available for humans too, as well as a sectional couch. Meow-nificent!

The cafe section will feature varying paw-e-some drinks such as coffee, tea, lemonade, smoothies and an array of pastries.

Fat Cat Cafe merchandise will also be available, as well as several pieces from local Tallahassee artists.

It's hard to learn about such a wonderful and heaven-like place and not want to participate in some form. Unfortunately, all of the needed staff has already been hired, and it's looking to remain that way. However, if you'd like to volunteer with the kitties, reach out to [email protected]

But wait, there's more! A similar business called Tally Cat Cafe will open sometime in 2018. Local craze Lucky Goat Coffee will supply the coffee.

If you're looking for the next purrfect way to consume coffee, head over to these cat cafes!

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