How to spot FSU students on Spring Break

They’ll be the ones holding the Natty Lite

The number of people who have checked into different vacation hotspots throughout FSU’s Spring Break is disgusting. From Europe to Cancun, Florida State students have taken over the nightlife and tourist scene as if it’s Happy Hour and they just got to Pot’s.

It’s easy to spot a fellow ‘Nole, but if you have trouble picking them out from a crowd, here’s a couple traits to look for.

They will be wearing FSU gear

We are proud to be Florida State Seminoles, and you will damn well know it. We will constantly be wearing anything associated with FSU, whether it be official FSU gear or garnet and gold. This is mainly because it’s what fills up our closet, but the truth is that we love to rep. At the beach and the sun is in your face? FSU hat. In Canada and it’s freezing? FSU sweatshirt. It is the go-to for any situation or place.

They will be the ones getting plastered

If these ‘Noles decided to keep their Seminole gear at home, another way you can easily pick them out from the crowd is by assuming their level of intoxication. They’ll be the ones taking the 10th shot, asking why there aren’t y-bombs and double fisting liquor and beer. If they get this bad on a typical Saturday night at Recess, what makes you think they won’t be even worse in Mexico where the legal drinking age is 18?

They will be posting everything to social media

Everything that happens will be recorded. You will see everyone’s phone opened to Snapchat, and they will be taking snaps of their friends chugging beer and taking shots. They will be singing to their phones and taking “cute” Insta worthy pictures that will be uploaded after a series of filters and edits are made.

On vacation and hoping that girl you hate isn’t there too? Check the social media. While you’re at it, chances are you can pinpoint everyone’s exact location in under a minute and decide where you don’t want to head out to.

They will be pounding the cheapest drinks

‘Noles are used to a night out only costing $20, so they will be in complete disarray¬†if they are forced to pay $15 for only one drink. They will be the ones begging to hear the drink specials, and get into a complete state of shock when told the price. They are surprised that there is no cover, and probably will tell everyone that they pre-gamed earlier at the hotel with Tito’s (yeah, they decided to get the good stuff this time). These are also the people who you’ll be seeing pull bottles out of their bag in the bathroom, and asking for the cheapest drink that can get them wasted the fastest.

They are the life of the party

If they are ‘Noles, you will see them dancing, holding great conversation and having the best time of their lives. There is not a place, occasion or time, that an FSU student won’t take advantage of. We work hard to get¬†good grades and are heavily involved, so any type of break we can get we take advantage.

We want everyone to have fun and be a part of the action, so if you spot a ‘Nole out in the crowd during your vacation, you better try to immerse yourself in their crowd. There is nothing that will stop you from having a good time when you’re with them.

Florida State students don’t just know how to party, they are the party.

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