FSU Relay For Life is throwing a banger on Landis today

They are throwing a birthday party to raise $50,000 in 24 hours

Relay for Life at FSU is throwing a birthday party on Landis Green today, February 2nd, from 10am – 3pm. This is to help them raise $50,000 for the American Cancer Society in a 24 hour time period.

In an effort to hit $100,000, they are utilizing their leadership team and the FSU community to help reach their goal. They have created a massive, public birthday party to go along with their theme of “365 more birthdays.”

Relay for Life at Florida State takes place every April in the Old IM Fields bordering Collegetown. Kick-off begins at 6pm and it concludes at 6am, while the 12 hours are spent with students who are fundraising throughout the night and various events.

Last year with a campus wide effort they were able to raise over $300 thousand dollars for the American Cancer Society. This year’s push for $50,000 in 24 hours will help pave the way for their fundraising goal this upcoming Relay – $365 thousand.

Social Media Assistant, Sam Kane, thinks that while fundraising is important, the campus wide awareness that tomorrow with bring will transcend everyone’s expectations.

“Raising $50,000 in 24 hours is crazy, and I couldn’t be more excited to participate in this big party! But really, to me, it’s not just about raising that much money. It’s about sharing what we do to fight and end cancer with the entire FSU campus. It’s about getting as many people we can to know about Relay and want to join our team.”

The money that is raised at their April event will go towards cancer research, treatment, advocacy and other specialized programs to assist those affected and their families.

Relay’s Vice President of Marketing, Maggie Helmus, is grateful to be apart of an organization like Relay that strives to find a cure and end cancer.

“I am super excited to be a part of such a great organization that hopes for more days, years and especially more birthdays! We are celebrating all that Relay has done and will continue to do.”

The leadership team behind the festivities are not only excited to be throwing such a huge banger on campus, but they are hoping that this Relay season they continue to smash their records.

This event, and all of Relay, is about making sure that those affected with cancer can celebrate another holiday, another birthday, just another day. With the campus coming together as a whole to advocate for more birthdays, it is hard not to want to take part in the commotion.

As Sam put it, “Fellow ‘Noles, join the fight and come party with us on Landis!”

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