Florida State students on why they participate in Relay For Life

‘I relay so a cure can be found’

Every year, Florida State takes part in a multitude of charitable events, such as The Big Event, and Dance Marathon. Another large scare event that FSU students find them selves participating in is Relay For Life.

Relay for Life takes place in late February and is sponsored by the American Cancer Society. It is an overnight event where teams from various clubs, organizations, or just groups of friends take turns walking around a pre-determined track. Each team must have a team member on the track at all times, symbolizing how cancer never sleeps and never grows tired. Teams who raise a great deal of money beforehand get a tent at the event, and create a theme to rally around.

I spoke to a few people who have taken part in past Relays here at FSU and asked them why they take part in and love Relay for Life.

Deviyana Joshi, Graduate student, Instructional Systems & Learning Technologies

“I started Relay for my organization as a requirement and despite having no personal ties to those suffering/who suffered from cancer, I really enjoyed the event, the team morality and all the little events going throughout the night. Later that year, I found out that someone important to me had breast cancer and didn’t tell her extended family and friends until after she was in remission. I was frustrated with the shame that cancer has on people and I felt that we need to open a dialogue so that people can feel supported so they can beat their battles with cancer. I was a team captain for Phi Sigma Pi and raised about $3,100 despite us never having reached a thousand dollars range. As result of this, I took on a leadership within Relay For Life of FSU that allows me be currently responsible for all Professional Fraternity Council teams.”

Carolyn Back, Florida State graduate

“I relay in honor of my Grandma. She was taken from this world way too soon my freshman year of college due to breast cancer. In fact, the weekend that relay is held is the weekend she passed away. My Grandma is my role model. She loved unconditionally and founded a montessori school based on that belief. She was everyone’s grandma and I hate that she couldn’t stay in our lives longer. I relay so a cure can be found and the good won’t have to die young anymore. Relay for life is such a fun event and I know my Grandma would have a blast if she could attend. It’s the perfect way to remember her, surrounded by friends who remind me of her love, dancing the night away for a good cause.”

Christina Quinlan, Senior, Media & Communications

“I relay for my mom who had breast cancer! I like relay because it is for all types of cancer and for people of all ages. I love the different booths at relay and my favorite memory is learning how to fence at one of the booths!”

The one takeaway for all those involved, ultimately, is to gain a better perspective of what those with cancer and their caregivers go through as well as learn how to be an advocate and supporter of the American Cancer Society. Relay for Life is an incredible event that helps all those affected by cancer and it’s a fun night as well, those involved coming together and bonding over an entire night of games, food, and relaying. If you want to get involved with or donate to Florida State’s Relay for Life event check out the website here!

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