I heard chants of ‘white power’ outside my window in Tallahassee tonight

I am still a little startled while writing this

Watching the election in it of itself has been a rollercoaster. Living in Florida and watching it go to Trump was something quite a hard truth to swallow. Laying in my bed watching as the Republicans secured the House and soon to be the Senate. I watched as the Republican candidate inched more and more towards a victory. As I did I was disturbed by something that has sent quite the chill down my spine.

Awake and very much aware in my bedroom I looked out my second floor window to the parking lot below me. There was a lifted truck with a large American flag on the bag of it roaring its engine and revving its exhaust. While I understood if their candidate was winning they had all the right to celebrate. What happened next I would have never imagined.

I suddenly started hearing the yells and cheers formulate into a chant. A chant I’ve heard only once while watching a documentary on the influence neo-Nazism and the other white supremacist type groups.

<em>”White power.” “White power.” “White power.”</em>

The chant lasted for only a couple of seconds before the truck pulled off but will be a lasting memory of this unforgettable election night.

We as a nation have allowed behavior like this to be publicly displayed.

Florida State University