Trump fans to protesters: ‘They must be homosexuals’

Inside the Love Trumps Hate counter-rally

As thousands of cars clogged the street searching for parking and people rushed through the chain-link fence to Donald Trump’s rally before it closed, a group of protesters stood on the other side of the street in opposition.

While the group consisted of mostly college-aged students, there were a variety of ages present at the protest. Decked with hand-painted posters, flags, and a few megaphones, the protesters recited chants such as, “Racist, sexist, anti-gay! Donald Trump, go away!” Posters read a variety of statements such as “Pussy Grabs Back” and the ever so popular, “Love Trumps Hate”.


Within five minutes of The Tab arriving at the venue, a group of three men dressed in button downs, khakis, and “Make America Great Again” hats made a comment on the protesters saying: “They must be homosexuals.”

From the other side of the street, Trump supporters expressed their thoughts on the protest through flashes of the middle finger and crude comments as the protesters’ chants grew in volume. One man ran back and forth in front of the protesters with his Trump flag until police instructed him to get off of the street.

Taylor Goldstein


Why are you here today?

I’m here to protest our event…basically here to express my opinion that I don’t think Trump is fit for presidency-he’s racist, he’s sexist, fascist, he has no reason running. I mean obviously he has reasons to run just like any other candidate does, but I support ours.



Why are you here today?

I’m here against Donald Trump because I don’t agree with his values at all. I don’t think he’s a suitable candidate, I think it’s an embarrassment. He’s an embarrassment to the political system and I feel that now since there is an opportunity to say something [against him], here’s our chance.

If you could say anything to Donald Trump, what would it be?

Where would I begin? I’d question why he’s even running, I would ask him if what he thinks is ethical and if what he’s saying really speaks to his character. If he’s such a family man, for making America great again, why does he have the views that he has.

Caroline, Mary


Why are you here today?

Caroline: Well, we’re dating – we’re gay. So being a part of the gay community, we understand the struggles that other minorities face, although we haven’t been subjected to quite the degree of hate this election as other ones.  There’s still a lot at stake personally and a lot at stake for other groups for example immigrants and it’s just really something that we’re passionate about.

Mary: And I think being a part of a minority group adds a new level of understanding to what other minority groups are going through. A quote that I try to live by is “If you remain silent in the face of discrimination, then you are taking the side of the oppressor.” And I just feel like I can’t remain silent during this election.

If you could say anything to Donald Trump, what would it be?

Mary Why?!

Caroline Why do you think the way that you do, and I’m sorry that the Republican party has decided to support your views and that you think this is OK. You know the represent America and he doesn’t represent the spirit of America and the positivity and the love for each other and the diversity that is America, I think that’d be it.



Why are you here?

I’m here because I am against everything that Trump stands for. I’m not advocating for any other political candidate that’s an alternative to Trump. I am simply here protesting against everything that Trump represents. He represents the elitist class of the United States. He represents debauchery, misogyny, and he normalizes the impulses of rape culture and political discourse. So I am here because that rubs off on his foreign policy, he seems like a war monger imperialist and that’s essentially why I’m here, I’m here for multiple reasons.

If you could say one thing to Donald Trump, what would it be?

Free Palestine.

Florida State University