What you actually need to pack for freshman year at FSU

Don’t forget a bag of red meat – only one place on campus serves it

So you’re on your way to FSU –  awesome!

Florida State is an amazing university full of opportunity – both social and academic – and while the housing department may tell you what they think is essential to bring, here are some things that every student on campus will tell you to pack in your suitcase.


Not only are they good for listening to music on your way to class, but they are the best signal to anyone walking around you that you are not to be bothered. These are especially important when you reach the Free Speech Zone just in front of the Union.

No, I do not want to hear your spiel on freeing the clitoris; I’m obviously jamming out to some incredible music right now.

Bathing suits

It’s a university in Florida, so it’s safe to say there’s a lot of swimming going on. If you can’t decide whether to go to the state of the art indoor pool at The Leach (our gym) or hang out at our own lake, called The Reservation, take a dip in one of the fountains.

No, no joking here – the fountains on campus are all registered swimming pools.

A beer funnel

When you go to the #1 party school in the US, you need to come prepared. Having a personal beer funnel is a great way to make sure you drink as much as you can as fast as you can.

If you want to get fancy, think about getting a belt holder or even have your funnel monogramed for that perfect Southern touch.

Culturally appropriated Seminole clothing 

Whether it’s a football game or our similarly culturally appropriated Pow-Wow (homecoming), one always needs a good head dress or Seminole indian outfit to have ready when needed.

Denny’s giftcards

There is a good selection of restaurants around FSU’s campus, but only one is twenty-four hours, seven days a week: Denny’s. You will undoubtedly spend many nights at Denny’s All-Nighter, drunk or sober, so having some gift cards with you is always a good idea.

Snack food for the dorm

What’s a better way to make friends and bribe your RA then with food? The sweeter, the better, so try to stuff as much candy into plastic bags as you can, but remember to keep those bags sealed or in air proof containers so ants don’t come crawling in for a treat.


Because one gets sick of eating out of the same three restaurants on campus that are open past six at night.

Anything and everything garnet and gold

Nothing shouts school spirit like representing your university with clothing and any other accessory you can find in your school’s colors.

It doesn’t matter if you’re going to class, the dining hall, a football game, or graduation– wearing the garnet and gold is never a bad move.

Picnic blanket

As most students know, the best way to spend your time is to get out of the dorms and onto the always stunning Landis Green. And when I say stunning I mean when it’s not barren and muddy.

And when I say when it’s not barren and muddy I mean maybe three months in the Fall semester.

When you go to FSU, you’re certain to have an excellent college experience, and now that you have some insight on what to add to your suitcase as you start to pack for the trip to Tallahassee, there’s no doubt that you’ll be prepared and ready to have the year of your life.

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