The best reactions to the torrential rain in Gainesville

Class isn’t cancelled even if you have to swim to it

After weeks of going without rain #Rainesville is back. Torrential downpours yesterday brought out all of the jokers, but only on social media because TBH nobody is going to walk to class in that mess.

Here is a roundup of the best tweets, memes, and whatever other nonsense came out while we weren’t going to class.

This aspiring composer

We couldn’t agree more Kalie.  Also, are you actually married to Tim Tebow?

Appropriate, as Lil Wayne played last night

This guy, who has his priorities right

This ode to one of the best movies ever

Even Albert agreed that the rain was a bit ~extra~

This girl, who is just glad she made it out alive

Even the school knew the weather was crazy…did that make them cancel class…NOPE

Because sometimes there’s just no other way to get to class

We’re not sure this is how it works though….

And @devildog, we’re really glad you had the foresight to make that purchase

Let us take a moment of silence for everyone who had points deducted for missing class because they would need a canoe to get there















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