UF law school maintains top-tier ranking

We’re not surprised

The University of Florida’s Levin College of Law maintained its top-tier ranking in U.S. News and World Report’s list of the best law schools in the nation. Out of the 205 competitors, Levin ranked 48.

“Our faculty is just fantastic,” said Silvia Menendez, a senior legal skills professor at Levin.

However, faculty wasn’t her only praise for the college. She said Levin places a major emphasis on writing skills and has one of the strongest legal writing programs in the nation.

Law student Britney Ladd, a senior at Levin, credited the college with having the best return on investment. This return is what she said drove her to leave her Chicago residence to study in Florida.

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Britney Ladd, a senior at Levin

“I already have a guaranteed job after I graduate, so I’m very happy,” she said.

While 48 is still considered to be top-tier by U.S. News and World Report’s standards, Menendez said she wishes the score could have been higher. Levin fell behind this year, ranking one point lower than its 2015 position.

“Because Florida is this little peninsula that just sits out there, I think we get forgotten by the rest of the country- unless something weird happens, of course,” she said.

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Silvia Menendez,  senior legal skills professor at Levin

She credited the college’s semester in practice program with helping to combat this issue of obscurity. This program allows senior law students to work at a firm outside Florida, while still receiving course credit. “You get more of a national reputation when your lawyers are out there,” she said.

Both Menendez and Ladd credit the new dean, Laura Rosenbury, with improving their program.

Ladd said Rosenbury both increased the applicant pool, and decreased the acceptance rate. She said these changes will lead to an increase in rank for Levin.

According to Ladd, this rank increase isn’t a possibility. She said being ranked higher next year is a guarantee.

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