Emory is officially one of the smartest law schools in America

Don’t hate, appreciate

Emory is one of Business Insider’s top 24 smartest law schools in the United States.

It’s no surprise that our rapidly growing university is also home to one of the sharpest law schools in the nation.

As the only Georgia university to the list, Emory has already outdone both contemporaries Georgia Tech and the University of Georgia and ranked among some of the greatest universities in the Ivy League.

Business Insider ranked these universities based on their median LSAT scores and sought out the institutions that had students with a minimum median score of 164 (out of 180 possible points) on the LSAT.

According to these standards, Harvard and Yale tied for #1 and Columbia and Stanford tied for the second spot.

Just you watch, world, Emory’s only going to get stronger from here!