Emory has lost two of its kindest souls

In the memory of Abinta Kabir and Faraaz Hossain

Abinta Kabir, a rising sophomore at the Oxford College, and Faraaz Hossain, a rising junior at Goizueta Business School, have been named as two of the students murdered in a terrorist attack in Bangladesh where 20 people died.

Today, Emory University has lost two of their kindest souls to the crisis in Dhaka.

According to a statement by the University, Abinta Kabir, a rising sophomore at Emory University’s campus in Oxford, Georgia, was killed in the attack.  Faraaz, a junior from Dhaka, was a graduate of Oxford College and a student at the university’s Goizueta Business School.

I knew both Abinta and Faraaz, who were happy souls who truly wanted the best for everyone and did not deserve this fate. Whether it was enduring Economics together with the unbelievably intelligent Faraaz or talking about Bollywood movies during long shuttle rides with Abinta, I will forever cherish all our memories together.

I can’t even imagine how their families are feeling right now, and I’m truly sorry for your loss.

ISIS takes responsibility for the hostages and lives they took. They take blame for killing 20 innocent souls. They take blame for destroying 20 families. They take blame for taking away someone’s entire future. They have made the world into such a terrifying place that people are unsafe going out to a restaurant for dinner.

We will always remember their beautiful smiles brightening our lives. Whether you had classes with them, were friends with them, walked by them a few times on campus, or did not know them, please keep their families in your prayers along with the rest of the victim’s families. We all truly suffered a great loss today. You will always be a part of the Emory and Oxford legacy.

Here are some reactions of Emory/Oxford students to the loss of their friends:

Never forget Abinta and Faraaz. #prayfordhaka