The new SGA and College Council members have been announced

Your voice in our government – we are the people of Emory

As Winston Churchill once said,  “To improve is to change. To be perfect is to change often.”

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the governance organization for the entire Emory University.

SGA recognizes 12 subsidiary divisions of Emory University: Allied Health, BBA Council (Undergraduate Business), C3 – Candler Coordinating Council, Club Sports Council, College Council, ESNA (Undergraduate Nursing), Graduate Business, Graduate Nursing Council, Graduate SGA, Grad Student Council (Graduate School of Arts and Sciences), Media Council, Medical School Senate, Outdoor Emory, Oxford SGA, Rollins SGA, SBA (Law School), Student Government Association, and the Student Programming Council (SPC).

Yesterday evening, voting closed for elections of Emory’s Student Government Association and College Council. Emory now has the list of the winner and government office holders for 2016.

They are as follows:

Student Government Association President: Max Zoberman


Student Government Association Executive Vice President: Gurbani Singh


Student Programming Council President: Ria Sabnis


At-Large University Senator: Noah Cole

Representatives At-Large: 

  • Natasha Armstrong
  • David Watkins
  • Justin Ian Sia
  • Rumi Habib

Graduate Student Government Association President (Student Government Association Vice President of Graduate Affairs): Jared Greenbaum

Graduate Student Government Association Vice – President: Mary Herrick

Student Government Association College Wide Representatives:

  • Amy Hou
  • William Palmer

Student Government Association College Senior Representatives:

  • Crystal McBrown
  • Ethan Morris
  • Yemisrach Teshome 

Student Government Association College Junior Representatives:

  • Adam Scharf
  • Onyi Ohamadike

Student Government Association Oxford Continuee Representative: Helen Zhu

Student Government Association College Sophomore Representatives:

Brady Goodman-Williams


Farah Al Chammas


José Rubén Díaz Vasquez

Student Government Association Oxford-Emory Liaison:

  • Sharon Yu
  • Alexa Cleveland

Student Government Association Undergraduate Business Representatives:

  • Grace Cleland
  • Jacob Teich