If Emory bars were your friends

MJQ is obviously the druggie hipster

Maggie’s – Your Ride or Die Hoe


Oh Mags, Oh Mags, where would we be without you?

Here at Emory Maggie’s is that one friend who you can completely be yourself around and never be judged (except by the staff of course). She is true and faithful and even though you have some rough patches here and there when Rick is in a bad mood, you know Maggie’s will always be there for you.

With prime dancing real estate and weak vodka crans, you can avoid mags for as long as you want but when you finally return, it will always feel like home.

MJQ (Drunken Unicorn) – Your Druggie Friend


MJQ is the friend you hit up (only on Wednesday nights) when you need a very literal escape from reality. In her warm, cell service free, whole in the ground, MJQ will help you forget about all your troubles. As soon as you step on her stage or take a spin on her pole, you immediately experience an LSD induced trip back into the 80s.

Sometimes MJQ is exactly what you need. From “unique” locals, a disco room, and the top hits from the 70s to 2000s, when you need a break from your high strung lives, you go to your always entertaining drugged out friend.

Big Sky – Your Elusive Cool Friend

-Too cool for pics

Whenever Emory goes to Buckhead, we go to Big Sky. You’ve definitely heard all about how cool this place is with it’s older crowd and very literal distance from campus. But what you also know that it may be difficult to get in if you and all of your friends are from Rhode Island, if you catch my drift. This makes Big Sky not only desirable but also a challenge and just like that eye candy in your 10am class, it just makes you want to go there even more.

Havana – Your Latin Friend


If you ever need a fun culture filled night, Havana is definitely the friend you call. This is a regular spot for the latin community within Emory and they are always excited to bring newbies along for the ride. Be careful though, not everyone can handle a night out with this many loud, energetic, and talented club goers.

This is the friend that always has a drink to make you feel better. With a main room for the mainstream, a gallery for a rave on any night, and a one of a kind latin studio, with Havana, you can pick your poison.

Georgia Tech – Your Nerdy Friend Who Plays A Little Too Hard


On a typical Friday night, for some reason Emory’s campus is always a little too quiet, kinda sus if you ask me. But many Emory students seek solace with our nearby neighbor Georgia Tech. At Tech, aside from having more intelligent men than you could ever want or need, Emory students are never short on frat parties and drama free hookups. Who cares if you’re a slut at Tech? So long as no one at Emory finds out 😉