Coach K expected to coach at least five more seasons at Duke

The king will not step off of his throne quite yet

A recent report shared by Kevin White, the Athletic Director at Duke, has confirmed that Coach Krzyzewski will not leave next year, or the year after, or the year after that. In fact, White said that he expected Coach K to continue coaching for at least five more years, putting him at age 74 before he finishes his career at Duke.

Having these five extra years, assuming at least thirty wins per season, will mean that Coach K will undoubtedly reach the 1,200 win mark. Reaching this benchmark could likely mean that Coach K will forever have the most wins in basketball history.

The news is great news for the continual domination of the Duke basketball program, and encouragement for the new class of 2020 that you will possibly ┬ábe able to enjoy the last few years of Coach K’s kingship. The king will not step off of his throne quite yet, but will continue to grow the program and bring pride to Duke’s athletic history.




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