VOTE: What will you miss most about Dartmouth?

June 12th is coming, ’16s…

The Green

Waiting for your kettle corn and freshly squeezed lemonade from the farmer’s market in the fall… throwing snowballs at random people at midnight of the first snowfall… And playing games or getting your tan on in the spring…


Study Abroad

Did you say “study” abroad, or vacation?

Big Weekends (Homecoming, Winter Carnival, Green Key)

If we’re being honest here, the 16s will probably all be back for at least one of these weekends next year. Cause, why not?


Sophomore Summer

Getting on a table in your favorite frat basement is easy when only 25 percent of the school’s population is on campus. Also, great outdoor activities, 24/7. #CampDartmouth


Free stuff… Mainly FOOD. Sometimes t-shirts.

Tailgates at homecoming. Fallapalooza. Food tents on Gold Coast Lawn. Caribbean Carnival. Green Key BBQs. I’m down to celebrate anything when there’s free food involved.

EBAs. 2:15am

Hits the spot every time.

Being in the middle of nowhere.

We all say we hate it, but it’s actually pretty awesome sometimes. The river, Occum Pond, hikes to the firetower and Moosilauke… spontaneous outdoor experiences with friends are the best.


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