It’s not surprising that Dartmouth has one of the strongest alumni networks

Alumni’s love for Dartmouth is unparalleled

When I learned that Dartmouth was number four of the 50 most powerful collegiate alumni networks in the country, I was not surprised. Since arriving at Dartmouth I’ve noticed the overwhelming amount of pride that former students have about the place that they still consider to be their second home.

Homecoming, Winter Carnival and Green Key are a few of the prime moments that alumni will visit campus sometimes bringing their spouses, children or friends to showcase the school that they love and giving them ample examples as to why.


Homecoming bonfire attracts swarms of alumni

I remember one day during Green Key weekend, I was donning my Dartmouth ‘17 shirt while walking to the Hop to get a meal. Two Dartmouth alums, who had been staring at me as I approached, were sitting on a bench outside. I soon realized why they were doing this when I was asked if they could take a picture of my shirt. They explained that they had both graduated in years that didn’t end in “-teen,” so seeing my shirt was a moment that would’ve been hard to imagine when they attended here, but I could tell that they were both very happy that it did.


Alums love winter carnival!

Love is what draws these alumni back to campus year after year, and is the reason why even when alumni are away–at their respective jobs and living their adult lives, they’re always willing to lend a helping hand and offer amazing opportunities to current students.

One such experience happened to me when I worked as a secretary at the DEN more than a year ago. One phone call that I answered put me in contact with an alum who was exactly the type of person I wanted to work with in the future, an inventor as I have aspirations to become a patent attorney. We hit it off quickly, although normally I would have been hesitant to talk so freely about myself, but the conversation was very inviting with us both going away with something. This alumni connection opened my mind to the world of inventions, with what is being done and what is still left to be discovered, and valuable patent research and filing experience. I was not only able to give that alum my time, but an opportunity to connect to his alma mater, his second home and one of the many loves in his heart which I’ve learned every Dartmouth alum strives to do.