2016-2017 USG elections: The Hunter Revolution

‘Be the change. Join the Revolution’

Hunter Rev 1

With the Undergraduate Student Government election’s coming up next week, one might wonder who to vote for. The Hunter Revolution tried to connect to students through a very relatable and accessible platform.

Their platform is focused on these three points: reconnect, reform, and restore.

Reconnecting the student body through Student Town Halls and Club Congresses, giving students a more accessible platform to provide their own ideas. Reforming USG’s commitment and infrastructure to allow students to easy create a dialogue with USG giving them a better understanding of students’ concerns. And restoring the vibrancy of student life by giving club leaders resources and support, so that their organizations will be better-equipped.

We were able to interview Kevin Zaw, or Zod as he is known by most students in Hunter, who is running for president. As president he wants to be able to access and help with problems himself and create a strong bond between himself and students. He was a part of USG two years ago, and says he will use his experience to help improve the function of USG. Through our interview with him he was able to shed some light on how The Hunter Revolution will go about bringing their platform to fruition.


The Hunter Revolution emphasizes bringing a real connection between students and USG in Hunter. Their platform stresses how helping the clubs and making them more appealing to students would help in this process. If clubs become more prominent in Hunter then they could have more of an impact on student life in the college. Also if there is more student activity in clubs then USG can take a part in assisting those clubs and would better be able to understand the student body’s needs. This would be done by having members of USG attend club meetings to gain a better understanding of how each club functions. By having this knowledge USG the process of assisting each clubs needs would be much more fluid. Having this familiarity with clubs will also make communicating with club members easier, making USG members friends rather than just an official you go to for information or a request.

The Hunter Revolution also wants to focus on promoting Hunter at USG sponsored events rather than just USG itself. Instead of handing out USG branded merchandise, they would give away things with the Hunter logo on it. There will be a focus on making events much more diverse and exciting. Along with the popular events like the Thanksgiving Dinner, or the Halloween The Hunter Alliance wants to introduce new events. By introducing fresh ideas they hope to create more interest in student participation in these events and community activities in Hunter.

The Hunter Revolution slate brings experienced members of USG as well as fresh faces. Each one of their members brings something unique to the table. They all come from a variety of cultural and academic backgrounds, and they are ready to help the students of Hunter College in any way they can.

Hunter Rev 2

Here are the candidates for The Hunter Revolution slate:

Executive Board:

President: Kevin Zaw

Vice President: Kirty Singh

Evening Affairs Commissioner: Charles Richards

External Affairs Commissioner: Hassan Mohammed

Student Welfare Commissioner: Nastassia Chittumuri

Cultural Affairs Commissioner: Michael Marbella

Junior Senators:

Rani Allen

Samiul Haque

Leonarda Vargas

Giresh Meghan

Sophomore Senators:

Olena Hadeliya

Sara Naeem

John Solano

Kevin Sookdeo

Freshman Senators:

Intzar Singh

Zico Smith

Auxiliary Enterprise Corporation:

Madonna Moza

Amna Rashid

Fatama Zohra

College Association:

Mariam Ahmed

Helen Polanco

Mohamed Sarour

Hristiana Stoynova

Faculty Student Disciplinary Committee:

Amity Lui

Daniela Radhaykissoon

Samuel Vaynblat

Kaitlyn Wong

Hunter College