Introducing Gooroo, the new app for finding a tutor

It’s better than sifting through hundreds of flyers

It’s the day before your final exam and to say the least, you are unprepared. When you need a last-minute tutoring session, how are you supposed to sift through all the flyers you find and then guess which one is the best fit for you? With the new iOS app Gooroo, you no longer need to be out of luck. 

Gooroo enables students to become tutors or search for tutors. You can earn cash and share your talents with others as a tutor, or find the perfect tutor that fits your needs as a student. The app enables students and tutors to pick and choose the right fit for them.Being a “Gooroo” cuts out the middleman of tutor companies that so many Hunter tutors give a cut of their payment to.

The app claims: “Gooroo is an upcoming app that enables you to connect with students and tutors in your area. It eliminates the hassle of connecting students and tutors by seamlessly displaying all the tutors and students in your area in one spot. As a student, you can find the right tutor by filtering through preselected subjects, locations, prices, and time availabilities. Every tutor has a profile that’s publically visible with ratings and reviews left by their students.”

Sophia Gebbia-Richards, a first year Economics major, works at the app and claims it’s a great way to find a tutor at Hunter.

She said: “I prefer working at a start-up like Gooroo rather than a big company. The experience is awesome and really interesting. When you imagine getting a job at an office in NYC, you think of a white collar work environment with small offices or cubicles, but start-ups are breaking long lasting corporate traditions like dressy attire, rigid work schedules, and boss-employee formalities.

“The CEO treats me like a friend rather than an intern, and he does the same for everyone in the office. He leaves out snacks and drinks everyday, allows us to set our own work schedule, and encourages us to give our ideas and opinions about anything that the Gooroo team is working on”

Gooroo Internship event

Gooroo Internship event

“So many of the people I know here at Hunter, including myself, tutor to make extra money, but the tutor companies take a huge cut. It’ll be really nice to have an app that makes the whole process easier and to help students make and save more money” said Cameron Fraser, a third year student at Hunter.

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