What would you say to Donald Trump?

‘Just stop. Please just stop’

We heard what you had to say about Hillary.

We heard what you had to say about Bernie.

Now, we’veĀ gone deep into the depths of Hunter to bring back opinions on the candidate everybody actually cares about: The Donald.

But not just opinions, we asked what you would actually say to the man.

Salma, 19, English

12182523_10205614862035770_5786290404957973931_o“Fuck you.”

Elliot, 21, Sociology and Women & Gender Studies


Larry, 18, Film

12038572_10205614854555583_2790151804258295973_o“Two pieces of advice: Make Mark Cuban your running mate, and if you want to run against Bernie you have to appeal to the youth. Also change your stance on marijuana. Also add me on Twitter, @bearjew318.

Cesar, 21, English

12052541_10205614895356603_7418713723874776492_o“Stop embarrassing the government, I mean just stop being an embarrassing human being.

Shawn, 21, Psychology

11036640_10205614850075471_6681939114207916911_o“Just stop. Please just stop.”

Mark, 19, Pre-Health

11935155_10205614846755388_1016828939106695234_o“Go to hell!”

It seems like there is a consensus and it isn’t pretty. At least we know no one from Hunter will be voting for Trump.

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