CU-Boulder fans definitely fuck and we have proof

‘Eat Mor Ass’

I have never met a more encouraging, sexual innuendo than Chip himself. His thicc broad shoulders, and burly legs reek of what is almost guaranteed to be pleasurable fornication.

I will be the first to say this: Chip definitely gets it. Just look at him holding this "Eat Mor Ass" poster — that is the face of someone who fucks. And why shouldn't he? Although I personally can't get on board for butt stuff, mostly because the idea of it is scary AF, I'm happy someone is enjoying themselves.

Can we take a moment. Just a moment of pleasurable silence, for this work of art. The way the tip points toward one end zone as the balls are cradled by the other is majestic.

I wouldn't mind watching the football team rumbling on this chilly field. CU students high-key eff, and that's all I gotta say. Our mascot represents some major bedroom luck, and he's just a Chip off the old student block.

Raise your hand if you'd roll in the hay with Chip. Our athletic department if fine AF, and even our most average-looking students are exceptionally good looking by other campus standards. Seriously, it's gotta be something in the water.

Pat yourselves on the back, cause I know it sucks to be a CSU ram.

University of Colorado Boulder