The prime places in Boulder to watch the solar eclipse on Monday

Tab tip: the bookstore is selling viewing glasses

If you follow all that goes on up in the sky, you're already hip to the big events going down on Monday, August 21st. For one, it's a new moon, meaning the start of a new lunar cycle. That's the norm, though. What's not the norm, you ask? There's a full solar eclipse going down right around 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM MST.

No plans yet? No worries, you don't need to road trip all the way to Wyoming to get closer to the path of totality. Boulder has plenty of spots that are prime for some solar eclipse gazing.

Stay local at the UMC fifth floor terrace

Stay on campus and enjoy the views (with your viewing glasses, don't try watching without them!) from the fifth floor of the UMC. Take the elevators up to the top and soak in the beauty of the Flatirons while you wait for the stars in the sky to align.

Travel to the south-ish side of campus to watch at Fiske Planetarium

Although most of the staff from Fiske Planetarium will be out and about chasing the eclipse, they will still have a few solar telescopes on the front lawn, just outside the front doors to the building. Plus, they'll have eclipse glasses for sale while supplies last! Be wary when parking, though, as spots will be limited due to CU student move-in.

NASA / Michael Zeiler

NASA / Michael Zeiler

Join the crowds at NCAR's High Altitude Observatory

Just off Table Mesa drive, you'll find HAO (High Altitude Observatory) and from 11 AM – 1 PM on Monday, it will be overflowing with eclipse viewers. Not only will you get to view the eclipse outside, but you can get a continuous live feed of the total eclipse, as it will only cover 94% of the sun in Boulder, in the Main Seminar Room. It's free, so there's no excuse not to go! Get there early to get a parking spot before the lot fills up.

Take it up a notch with some yoga under the eclipse

Raj Yoga + Meditation is offering a Kundalini yoga class with Rachel Zelaya at 9 AM that will finish up by 10:30 AM. You'll have plenty of time to tap into those chakras and center yourself before heading off to catch the actual eclipse. Grab a ticket to reserve your spot.

The Mother's Center is offering a new moon meditation and potluck, with tickets available through their Facebook event, although it is a free event. Sink into stillness and enjoy the night sky, as this get together starts in the evening, so no need for the special glasses.

Anywhere with an open sky

Stop by McGuckins, CU Bookstore, or order online ASAP to snag those fancy viewing glasses and send it up into the mountains or some local open space to have your own, personal viewing party. Seriously, buy the glasses – you don't want to go blind, right?

Buffs and Boulderites alike will probably be covering the grass of Chautauqua, the rocky cliffs of Lost Gulch, and all those pull off spots up to Flagstaff, but plan ahead & you might just get a good location. Try to find a spot with a completely blue sky so there aren't any trees or buildings in sight when you turn your gaze up to the skies.

Kick back and watch it from the safety and comfort of your own home, dorm, apartment, wherever

In this case, no glasses are needed. CNN will be live streaming the event with a 360-degree view. NASA also provides numerous 'ways to watch' right here, including Facebook Live, YouTube, and NASA Apps.



Mark your calendars, this is going to be cooler than any stargazing you've ever experienced before. Enjoy the eclipse, Buffs, and don't forget those special sunnies!

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