CU Boulder ranked seventh best party school in the country

Sincerest apologies to the parents of incoming freshmen who might be reading this

The copious amounts of Burnetts the freshman class consumed at all those tailgates and darties last year has finally paid off. According to The Princeton Review, CU is the seventh best party school in the country.

After spending a solid few years hanging out at the top of the “best party school” rankings, CU seems to be making a comeback, despite administrations attempts to bury the infamous reputation with their Be Boulder campaign.

Now, it seems like CU has finally made it back to the hardcore party level that drew students there in the first place.


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While you’re here, it’s important to mention that Niche ranked CU as the #1 party school in Colorado. CSU, you can stop trying now.

Sadly, though, Boulder did not rank as one of the top schools for “reefer madness.”

Maybe Boulder’s stoner population was a little too high to contribute accurate data?

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Either way, Buffs, wear your #7 ranking with pride and keep climbing those ranks. That #1 spot might be ours again real soon.

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